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What happens after House ends?

This site has been collecting clips since 2005. At the time, YouTube was new, not many stations streamed their shows, and most people couldn't create video, especially from TV broadcasts. Things have changed...

My focus has always been on things I can record (or at least clip) myself, rather than searching out every last clip on the internet, and that will continue. However, now that House is ending in the US, there will be some changes in my approach:

  1. I don't plan on removing anything from the site, unless I run out of space and there are clips that haven't been accessed in a while. Most of those probably have 10 or 15 copies on YouTube anyway :)
  2. As the name of the site indicates, my interest is in Hugh's work, not that of the entire cast of House. After May 2012, I will not be looking for anyone but Hugh in my recordings. Check these sites for info about other members of the cast:
  3. Since Hugh is no longer a regular on a current TV series in the US, after May 2012, I will be cutting back on what I record on a daily or weekly basis. In particular, I will not be looking for promos, except when I know something new is being released.
  4. Depending on what Hugh does in the future, there may not be much about him on US TV for me to record. I have some, but not great, access to non-US sources. I may not have new material to post very often.
  5. There is a lot of stuff collected on my hard drives. I don't thinks there's anything major there, but you never know... hopefully I'll get a chance to sort through the backlog and post anything of interest. I might upgrade some clips as well, since when I started I didn't have HD video sources or HD video capture equipment.
  6. I will continue to tweet and post links to material I happen to come across on the web, but don't plan to do regular, exhaustive searches. You can search as easily as I can :)

About the Files

Nearly all the House material is taken from entertainment news programs or talk shows, unlikely to be aired again, and consists of interviews with the cast, entertainment news segments about the show or cast members, or previews of upcoming episodes. I recorded most of the material myself; a few things were sent to me by other fans.

The other material is taken from a wider range of sources. When possible, I have used TV or radio broadcasts I recorded myself. Some material is based on recordings obtained from fellow fans. If a snippet has been selected from a commercial recording, I've noted the source and whether it's still available.

About the Links

New material is listed for at least two weeks on the New Stuff pages. Material from House is separated out from Hugh's other work, as there's a lot more new House material. If you would like to be notified when new clips are available, please watch the RSS feeds listed under the Announcements heading to your left.

All clips I supply are now hosted using the SendSpace Pro service. Unlike the free version of SendSpace, anyone should be able to download files through a link marked SendSpacePro at any time, no matter what country you're in or whether your ISP uses a proxy server. These links should never expire, unless I forget to pay my bill :) If you have trouble accessing a SendSpacePro link, please wait a bit and try again later.

Screencaps are hosted at PhotoBucket.


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