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This page contains links to clips and screencaps related to the television show House posted in the past few weeks. Earlier material is archived on the pages listed to your left.

Regular cast members appearing in the clips are identified by their initials: Hugh Laurie (HL), Charlyne Yi (CY), Jesse Spencer (JS), Odette Annable (OA), Olivia Wilde (OW), Omar Epps (OE), Peter Jacobson (PJ), Robert Sean Leonard (RSL). Bold initials indicate a soundbite or interview.

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CBS Evening News 7 Feb 2014 2:03 segment on German medical mystery solved with an assist from House.

available on
CBS News

My capture off local TV also includes a tease. 24.9 MP4
Cloo Ad May 2013 0:10 promo for Cloo's facebook page has a glimpse of Hugh.
1.14 MP4
Ion Ad 30 Apr 2013 0:30 "There's Only One House" promo for House on Ion. This is a subset of the 0:45 "Love Him, Hate Him" promo. Also include a 0:05 bumper featuring Lisa Edelstein.
7.30 MP4
Ion Ad Mar 2013 0:45 "Love Him, Hate Him" promo for House on Ion.

Saved from Ion website.

6.40 MP4
Ion Ad 16 Mar 2013 0:30 "Get Caught up with Lisa Edelstein" promo for House on Ion.
(LE, HL)
11.0 MP4
Monday Mornings 4 Mar 2013 0:30 snippet with a House reference from "The Legend & the Fall" episode. 2.50 MP4
Cloo Ad 10 Apr 2013 0:10 promo for House back-to-back on Cloo.
(HL, KP, OE, OW)
1.21 MP4
Ion Ad Oct 2012 0:11 bumper for Ion Television featuring Robert Sean Leonard.
3.24 MP4
Ion Ad Oct 2012 0:11 bumper for Ion Television featuring Omar Epps.
3.12 MP4
Ion Ad Oct 2012 0:11 bumper for Ion Television featuring Lisa Edelstein.
3.21 MP4
Access Hollywood 17 Oct 2012 0:53 segment on Forbes' list of highest earners on US TV (Hugh tied for 2nd.) 8.54 MP4
Ion Ad 6 Oct 2012 0:30 promo for House S1E09 ("DNR") on Ion.
(OE, HL, JS, JM)
9.14 MP4
Joe.TV Ad 2 Oct 2012 0:20 promo for House reruns on late night Joe.TV.
(HL, LE)
5.36 MP4

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